10x WEB2.0 Blogs

As part of link building service, we will analyze your moneysite niche and create appropriate 10x high DA/PA WEB2.0 blogs. Each blog will contain moderate amount of content, will be completely footprint free and will send 1x link towards your moneysite.

5x Manual T1 Links

What do we mean by this? Over the course of years we have selectively found couple of high authority platforms which links has great impact on Google ranking. We will register, post and send 5x manual links from these sites. Day to day testing prove that these links have great impact on site ranking.

3X Social Profiles

We will create 3x social profiles for your site. We are talking about legit verified accounts with unique profile and cover photos, about sections and much more. We will use these profiles to send social signals towards your moneysite.

Social Signals Sent Out

As mentioned, we will create 3x social profiles and use them to share your moneysite page using various methods. These shares (social signals) will make Google crawlers visit your site more often resulting in faster indexing rate as well as metrics increase.

Footprint Free

We are doing everything totally footprint free. Meaning, all of the links (WEB2.0 & T1 LINKS) we send out will be completely footprint free. Every blog will be build on different platform and will not be associated with each other in any way.

Emails Included

We will use number of email accounts to register both WEB2.0 blogs & social profiles. These email accounts are all PVA so you can use them any various purposes after we send you report over.

Links Placed Naturally

All of the links we send out will be placed naturally. Meaning, nothing is done with bots and/or any type of software. Everything is done manually with highest quality as main guideline.

Fully Detailed Report

After we finish everything up we will provide you with fully detailed report of our work. Meaning all link URLs will be included as well as logins for all the WEB2.0, social profiles and email accounts, commentary and similar.


WHAT Our clients say:

“The job report was delivered in 3 days. The job report contained details regarding my requirements. For the PBN creation service, the site was related to the niche. Included a privacy policy along with several pages, several blog posts, a favicon, and a logo.”
BHW Administrator
“Easy to order, prompt communication and delivery. Articles had good length, images in place and read quite well. The links were in place, didn’t look spammy. Privacy pages and login details of web 2.0 and more importantly the email were also provided.”
BHW Moderator
“Very high quality web 2.0. Got important pages like contact & privacy policy and many more. Link placed naturally & articles come with average 600 words. Platform’s default DA PA 38 25 and higher!"
BHW Jr.VIP member
“The sidebar for the PBN site was functional. There appeared to be 4 articles in total that were created. The articles were niche relevant TWITTER account was provided. Additional web 2.0 site created alongside the PBN with syndicated content. An email account and an IFTTT were provided as well.“
BHW Administrator