This is order for 1x PBN WordPress site created by our team.

Realistic site design

No matter this site will be used as PBN, we tend to keep quality of site design to best available. Meaning it will pass any type of manual revision. Fully realistic theme that fit site content as any other normal website. No one will be able to tell a difference.

Footprint free

Our team members will make sure no footprints are left behind. Meaning our PBN sites are super-safe to use for your moneysites. We take care of footprints such as: themes, dates, authors, plugins. We will also advise you regarding DNS settings, hosting, domain registrar and WHOIS footprints as well.

3+ Relevant Articles

We don't just toss any articles at your site. We carefully find expired articles that will fit your site niche the best. Every and each article will be at least 500+ words long, with proper subheadings, images, videos, maps, interlinks, high authority links and proper formatting.

Relevant Media Included

As stated above - all articles will have proper and relevant images, videos, maps and other engaging media added. However, we don't stop there. Our PBN sites have fully built sidebars with engaging media, galleries, subscription forms, videos and much more.

Proper on-site SEO

What sets apart decent PBN from good one is how well it mimics real life authority sites. We go step further of engaging content on do some onsite SEO tweaks like: sitemap, proper links structure, menus, interlinking, alt texts, featured posts and many more.


Our PBN sites are all multi-pagers meaning that we always build pages like: About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Contact us page. We mix things up by adding some video blog, pricing or similar (appropriate) page too.

Logo, favicon, sidebars

As described in title. We custom build logo & favicon for your site. We also mix things up by setting sidebars with engaging content as well. Footer and header widgets to spice things up is just a bonus.

Index-ready PBN

What do we mean by "Index-ready PBN"? Exactly that, once we finish the site up, it will be fully interlinked, full of engaging content, beautifully designed as well as easy to read by Google crawlers. All you have to do is sit back and wait for it to be indexed.


Check out our ATOMIC PBN design samples by clicking the button below:

15$ / PER SITE:

WHAT Our clients say:

“The job report was delivered in 3 days. The job report contained details regarding my requirements. For the PBN creation service, the site was related to the niche. Included a privacy policy along with several pages, several blog posts, a favicon, and a logo.”
BHW Administrator
“Easy to order, prompt communication and delivery. Articles had good length, images in place and read quite well. The links were in place, didn’t look spammy. Privacy pages and login details of web 2.0 and more importantly the email were also provided.”
BHW Moderator
“Very high quality web 2.0. Got important pages like contact & privacy policy and many more. Link placed naturally & articles come with average 600 words. Platform’s default DA PA 38 25 and higher!"
BHW Jr.VIP member
“The sidebar for the PBN site was functional. There appeared to be 4 articles in total that were created. The articles were niche relevant TWITTER account was provided. Additional web 2.0 site created alongside the PBN with syndicated content. An email account and an IFTTT were provided as well.“
BHW Administrator